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 CBD Oil Massage Therapy


Mystic Herbal Body shop provides a unique massage experience. We  use our body butters and massage oil to give you a deeply relaxing feeling.
Cupping Massage therapy, cannabis massage oil


Cupping is an ancient healing therapy that can be traced back to  Ancient African Egyptians and Asians.
 The  American Indian's used animal horns which were heated and then placed over the skin to remove poison from snake bites and reduce fever.

Cups are applied to the skin after a deep tissue massage using topical cannabis oils. The cups are used to increase circulation to muscles and nerves. it is an excellent way to detox the liver and is commonly used to help to relieve pain very similar to acupuncture. 
 Instead of using needles I use  magnetic vacuum cups which are placed over your back and  key points for 15 minutes. 

Although it may look odd or a little scary. It is painless! The results are noticeable immediately. In some cases you will have redness in the congested areas. They will disappear within a couple of days.
However many clients have reported long lasting pain relief and increased energy.

1 hour massage with CBD Oil  is $100.0
Hot Stones Massage $30.00 extra 
20 minute Cupping is $30.00
To  experience this healing therapy contact us at 510 290-2219 to schedule an appointment.

Willow Street
 Downtown Oakland, CA
Monday to  Saturday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Sun: Closed
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